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I'd like to invite you to a little journey with me. Changing careers, starting a business are important decisions in someone's life. People who do it for the right reasons, people who follow their callings and passions will end up being much happier than those who day in and day out, do a job they don't like.

You can turn your passion into a self-employed opportunity by creating a Skate School.

If you answer YES to those 4 questions, please keep reading.

1. You love skating
2. You enjoy communicating with children and adults
3. You have a roomy vehicle
4. You want to work part time

Learn how to start your own Skate School

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Are you a confident skater?
Is this for you?
If you're reading this, chances are you are or used to be a confident skater. Lots of people would love having your skating skills but have no idea how to get there. You don't have to a a PRO. You don't even have to know how to skate to hold Roller Disco events. On the other hand, if you want to teach skating, Skatescool level 2 to 3 would be a good start. Get an income teaching what you know and love and organising Roller discos and functions.
A formula that works
I spent months developing a formula that works and accumulated a wealth of knowledge along the way. Five years down the track, I decided to put all my knowledge in a step by step guide to help would-be coaches getting maximal efficiency fast.
The 65 pages Yellow book covers
Who your target market is
Where and when you should hold your classes and events
The gear you will require (less than you may think)
Training methods
What to do and not to do during a class for children
What to do during a class for adults
Learning styles
Dealing with different levels
Assessing levels
Skatescool levels
Fun games on skates
Synchronised skating
Special events (corporate functions, birthday parties, workshops, roller discos, galas, etc)
Recommended prices
Marketing made easy
Choosing skates (what to look for, maintenance)
Apprendices: levels sheets, speed form, skating lanes, circuits, attendance form, certificates, concession cards)
The 18 pages Blue book covers
Who your target market is
Where and when you can hold your Roller discos and functions
The gear you will need to start with and later on
What to do during a Roller disco
Special skating events (corporate functions, birthday parties, workshops, galas)
Recommended prices
Marketing made easy (on and offline)
Choosing skates (what to look for, maintenance)
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you wondering if you're enough of a good skater?
Need more than just a book?
If you feel you need personal assistance for you to start this journey, we can help you starting on the right foot.

If you are not in New Zealand
We can organise an online consult for which I would ask you to send me a video of yourself doing a series of drills and we would talk online about how to improve and teach those drills communicating.

If you are in NZ
We can come to you and train you in your own environment. Pick a place, preferably indoor and find 4 to 6 people interested in skating.
In the morning, we spend up to 3 hours together:

- Explaining students' various types of learning.
- Going over games that can be played on skates.
- Covering how to operate Roller discos.
- Assessing your current level and help you improve on your current skills.
- Going through each drill of 4 levels and giving you pointers on how to coach those drills.

In the afternoon, we spend up to 3 hours with your skaters (of various levels preferably), putting into practice what we covered earlier.

- Assessing levels
- Training beginners and more advanced skaters
- Combining activities for both at the same time and separately
- Playing games

Also included in your training:
- The Yellow book (Skate school)
- The Blue book (Roller disco)
- The right to use the Skatescool brand name (with your town's name)
- A dedicated page for your business on our website
- Training folder
Why is Skating a great business idea?
Skating is back! With the worldwide resurgence of Roller Derby and various forms of skating, this is the right time to get into skating and ride the rising wave! Skating is the perfect mix between sport and entertainment.

Learn techniques to become a confident skater. Skating can lead you to Roller hockey, Roller derby, Figure skating, Speed, Freestyle, Fitness skating, etc.If you have a passion for skating and if you like teaching, you can turn your passion into a great self-employed opportunity.

If you are a confident skater and enjoy teaching, you could be bringing this exciting new multi-activity business to your region. If you are a less confident skater, you could build your new business primarily around Roller Discos. Whatever your preference is, we can give you all the tools to learn and apply it all fast and efficiently.